Portobelo - Where Children Love to Learn!

Portobelo Preschools are privately owned New Zealand preschools. The owner operator, Lyn Eder, is a local resident who is a Registered Midwife and Nurse. Lyn worked for 19 years as a Plunket Nurse in Christchurch, overlapping with 10 years tutoring in Maternal and Child Health at Rangi Ruru Early Childhood College.

Your child is important to us, as we know that creating the right preschool experience for your baby or child will make a positive difference in their attitudes, friendships and social abilities, and their life-long ability - and desire - to learn.

We have a natural outdoor environment - grass and trees! - and use natural resources inside too. Children learn through their senses, and by having opportunities to explore and express themselves. We provide ways for this to occur easily, and use the environment as another 'teacher'. As part of our Reggio Emilia approach, 'respect, responsibility and community' are important, as are creative thinking, exploration, creative expression, listening to children, and encouraging them follow their interests.

Portobelo is committed to having a team of highly trained and experienced teachers, most of whom have an early childhood teaching degree, and teacher registration. All teachers, regardless of qualification, continue in their professional learning and development while they are at Portobelo. Our centres are fully licenced by the Ministry of Education, and exceed all standards for child:teacher ratios, and space requirements.

Please have a look through our website and photos, and feel free to contact us to bring your child to have a free, no-obligation 'play' at one of our centres.

Using ECE 20 Hours Portobelo offers free sessions for all 3 and 4 year olds - half days or school days. Check out each centre for session times.

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