Where children
love to learn

Welcome to Portobelo

Portobelo - Where Children Love to Learn!

‘Portobelo’ means beautiful harbour, and we want your child and family to feel safe, nurtured, and have a beautiful experience with us. Our vision is “a place you want to be”.

Why choose Portobelo?

Passion for babies and children – and their families

Portobelo is owned and operated by a local person – Lyn Eder – who is a registered nurse and midwife, past Plunket nurse, and who is passionate about babies and children. Lyn personally employs every permanent team member, at all the centres, to ensure that this passion is shared by everyone. She is very aware that every child is part of a wider family, community and culture, and that Portobelo is only one part of their lives.

Passion for learning

As Lyn is not an ECE teacher, she employs a Principal Leader to be the professional leader, inspiration and support for the teams. This means our teaching teams have constant access to and support from the best professional learning and latest research available. Learning in the 21st century is no longer about how much you know. It's about problem-solving, confidence to take risks and try things out, persevering with difficulty and uncertainty, and learning how to work with others. By the time your child graduates from a Portobelo centre, you can expect them to be equipped with these ways of learning which will ensure their success not just at school, but as lifelong learners.

Passion for caring for others: Making friends and being a friend

Collaboration and cooperation is the way of the future, and something we focus on for all our Portobelo children. Learn these skills early, and your child is set for a happy life. Creating the right preschool experience will make a positive difference in their attitudes, friendships and social abilities, and greatly influences their life-long ability, and desire, to learn.

Every day, Portobelo teachers sensitively guide children to listen respectfully, share ideas appropriately, negotiate, problem-solve, recognise and respond to how others are feeling, and take another’s point of view. It’s all about respect, responsibility and community.

Passion for, and about, the environment

At Portobelo, our children experience natural outdoor environments - grass and trees! – and a programme that focuses on children learning to respect, care for, and love the natural world every day. Instilling this in young children ensures a sense of responsibility for our planet as they grow. We have a preference for using resources made from natural materials in our inside environments as well, limiting plastic in favour of wood and fabrics. We know the importance of environments for children’s learning, and strive every day to ensure each child has a sparkle in their eye as they see what’s on offer.

Passion for excellence

Portobelo is committed to having a team of highly trained and experienced teachers, most of whom have an early childhood teaching degree, and teacher registration. All teachers, regardless of qualification, continue in their professional learning and development while they are at Portobelo. Our centres are fully licenced by the Ministry of Education, and we exceed all standards for child:teacher ratios, and space requirements. We offer ECE 20 hours free sessions for all 3 and 4 year olds.

Please have a look through our website and photos, and if you like what you see, call or email us to arrange a time to come down with your child for a free, no-obligation 'playdate' at your local centre.